Maui is almost over

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It has been some awesome training here, where I have had the opportunity to race with Antoine Albeau (22 x World Champion), Arnon Dagan (NP head tester), Mateus Isaac and of course the North crew. Its hard to beat and I have certainly improved, so I am really amped for the racing in New Caledonia.

Laurence Carey with Poyraz and arnon
Laurence full speed

For those interested in the technical stuff my board speed has improved a lot across all of my gear where I am now feeling very comfortable on everything from my biggest stuff to my small gear. I still have a lot more work to do and need more race experience but I am happy with where I am at the moment.

Mateus has been my main training buddy where we have sailed basically every day and it has been awesome preperation for New Caledonia. I will not be the only kiwi this year with three others coming over also including the newest member of Team10 Jack Holliday. I believe there will be a live feed so closer to the time I will let you know how to check that out.

Laurence and Peter Slate

We have had some pretty light wind days so I have had time for some really cool adventures around the island. While doing this I have fallen in love with the new tropical Red Bull! Its my new summer fling, but if you try it you will understand. Anyways check out some of the picture below of the spots I found.
Maui girls ft. Laurence Carey Jumping off Black Rock The wild westside

Maui time again

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I have learnt a lot in Turkey which has been invaluable for the upcoming years. Although my overall result wasn’t awesome (45th) I am happy with how I performed considering the lack of time on the big gear. Throughout the event I started sailing my gear totally different as I saw how everyone sails the stuff and my board speed has improved drastically. Considering the first day I arrived in Alacati when I couldn’t even keep up with Poyraz, to now where I am the same speed my skill set on the big gear has changed drastically. I am now even able to sail my big gear in quite a lot of wind where I am turning into a jet plane less and managing to stay on the water.


Since the event it has been windy so I have getting up early to train on my big gear more as that is where I need to focus my energy over the next few months. After an hour or so on my big gear (until I couldn’t physically hold my 9.0 on the water) I would then sail in the afternoons on small gear. Jimmy would often set a course and there would be at least five people doing it so it was great training. I am happy to say my board speed on the 107 is good and I am no slower then anyone I raced against (including Basti Kordel and Arnon’s training/testing buddy) when i was fully powered.

Below are some pictures of me sailing. The first picture is of the most enthusiastic kid I have met, he knows everything about anything windsurfing and is just so enthusiastic. Its awesome. Here I am on a 9.0 and he is fully powered on a 4.7…. The benefits of weighing 32kg!


Its certainly paradise in Alacati with the super flat water and 32degree air temperature. I have also tried a lot of different gear from fins to sails and it has been interesting to see what works and in my opinion what doesn’t. I have tried a few different carbon fins and at the moment the big boards need them but I find my new G10 meanline has outstanding performance in low end considering it isn’t carbon.

Finally a huge thanks for the support from everyone back home and around the world. Its been awesome to know you guys were watching the live ticker. I didn’t actually realise there was no live feed until a few days into competing, but it looks like you will be able to watch the racing when im in New Caledonia in Novemeber. It is not yet 100% confirmed (regardless of what has been said) but it looks very probable now that it will be the final event of the year.


Racing overview – PWA

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Elimination 1
So I was in heat 6 and we had a solid breeze and my heat was going to be interesting to say the least. I had an awesome start mid fleet but unfortunetly the race had a general recall as Taty Frans was over early so we had to re run the start. In the next heat I was below Jimmy and Mataeus and I just mis timed the start. Had bad speed crossing the line and Mataeus rolled me where I was pushed out. From there it was catch up but I couldn’t catch the others. I finished in 6th.

Elimination 2
So it started off really well, where I had a magnificent start. I was mid line and was quite easily my best start however we had a general recall as two people were over early (OCS). So we restarted and I then had a very average start. Josh nailed his pin end start where I was above Marco (North) and he luffed me up on the start which enabled Casper Bouman and Jossin to roll over the top of me putting me in fifth. I battled my way through the course where at th third mark Josh crashed making a gap for me to overtake… I took the oppurtunity and progressed to the next round.
This is where it got exciting. So in the quarter final we had a pretty stacked heat with the likes of Mortefon and Quentel joining us. At the start Casper and I had a good position and then suddenly out of no-where Gonzalo runs down that start line infront of us and I think Jossin comes upwind creating an X infront of us… We were very lucky not to all crash and then the battle started.

I rolled over Casper and came into the mark sixth. I held this position basicaally untill the last mark where I broke my harnessline allowing for the others to overtake me. I wasn’t in a position to progress to the next round but it was still annoying.

Elimination 3

So this was an ok race but it just showed me how much I lack training n my big gear. I had good speed and was able to keep up with Cedric Bordes but in the gybes I just didnt feel confident pushing to hard. Because of that I wasn’t able to progress.
I had an ok start and was with everyone at the mark. Cedric managed to just power over the turkish guy but I dint have quite enough time. At the final mark I had the oppurtunity to overtake but made the stupid mistake of trying to go underneath him and he just covered me to the finish line.All in all a very good days racing where I learnt a lot and now have a lot of things I now know I need focus on in Maui.

Final Elimination

So I had the best start in this race, and to say the least I was finally starting to get back into the swing of racing. I started at the pin and was clear ahead however I could hear Arnon catching me and I stupidly began to panic… Even though I knew what to do with him coming from above I stupidly went up to him causing him to roll me and then I was in his bad air and was third to the mark. I was pushed wide by a French guy allowing Ben then to come in my inside. I went low and was able to keep up with him no problem (see my board speed is getting better) but then as I went to gybe on his inside I slipped on the tail of my board. I was so annoyed as I had the overlap when I slipped but I guess it is a lesson learned.


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After about a week here in Turkey its time to start racing. Today we completed registration and I have setup all my sails so we are ready to race. We are currently on standby for racing however it is very unlikely we will be racing today or tomorrow due to a bad forecast. We are wanting the thermal northerly to arrive but for the next two days we have southerly. Below I have attached the forecast and any day where it shows North winds is possible for racing however it looking a lot more promising later in the week.

When we do start racing I am in heat 6!
no hands ya
Racing is scheduled to start at approximately 11am each day (8pm NZ time) so stay tuned.
Alacati Time Zone: GMT + 3hr


The summer here has been quite strange, so it seems this El Nino year is not only affecting Maui, Hawaii. After two days of flying I arrived in Turkey where I was picked up by two lovely Turkish girls. We drove to Alacati and dropped all my gear at Caglas Kubats windsurfing school. Jimmy and Cagla have been amazing and super helpful where they have found some space in a locker to store my gear before the PWA started so I could train.

I have only had two days of sailing where I was on my big gear… Certainly different sailing then Maui where its is super flat and a power house destination. I have tested a few fins out and its phenomenal to see the difference carbon fins make for the big board!

its flippin awesome here!

It has been great so far where I am also staying with a french Frog who is the man. Babou is super cool and its awesome catching up with friends I haven’t seen for a few years since I competed over here.

Since a few days have been light I have done a bit of biking and touristy things where I went to a manic turkish market (pazar) with the crew. The food is crazy cheap here also, I mean a few locals have said that the food is expensive but when you convert to to USD or NZD dollars its still so cheap.



Almost time for Turkey

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So I have been in Maui for more then a month now but its time to head off and meet up with some friends in Turkey and do some racing on the PWA and the Euro-Cup. I have learnt so much while I have been here and it has been great getting back into my routine of training and testing some of the new North Sails. I have been testing sails for last few years but this year it has been different and I have been learning way more. I am certainly no expert but Peter and Kai are awesome and every day I learn something new about rigging and the finer details of sails, boards and fins… yeowwww!

So after all this testing I have also had some awesome sailing with the fellow kiwis, where it is great to see Angus and Chris improving and pushing themselves! Wont be surprised if these two start dominating the Auckland racing while I am away. But don’t get to comfortable boys as when I come home I coming to take my crown back haha

Anyways I have been accepted to compete in Turkey for the PWA which means you all have to watch and yell at your computers! It will be awesome and I expect to learn a lot, where it is the hardest and most competitive event of the Tour. I have been training hard so it will be interesting to see how I go against the pros, lets hope for some powered 7.8 racing!! Check out the entrants here.

Event Date: 17th August22nd August
Alacati Time Zone: GMT + 3hr

me angus and Chris

Windsurfer gets shot at Pro Tour

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After plenty of hard work and sacrifice the pro tour is within reach for a young Auckland windsurfer.

Laurence Carey from Kohimarama is traveling to Hawaii five hours after his last university exam on June 27 to join the Maui Race Series and work towards the Professional Windsurfing Tour.

He’s also the first New Zealander in more than 10 years to do so.

The 21-year-old University of Auckland commerce student has already achieved top national success in his young career.

Carey has won four national youth championships for slalom windsurfing as well as being crowned the 2014 and 2015 open men’s national champion.

Success has also meant sacrifice as Carey has to fit training, study, work, coaching and dieting into his daily schedule…


To read the full article, visit

Warriors Can

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This is the first time Red warriors-1Bull has warriors canproduced a custom-made can for the New Zealand market and the 20th anniversary of the Vodafone Warriors provided the ideal opportunity. Renowned NZ artist and designer, Dave Burke is a long-time collaborator with the Vodafone Warriors and has designed many of their iconic jerseys. His distinctive can design pays homage to the players, fans and values that have shaped the club.” – Red Bull

So I decided to make a quick video also of how epic the can is. Click on the picture or visit my Instagram to watch.

Wakeboarding, friends, windsurfing

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In the last few months I have spent a lot of time with friends and family. As I said in my last email, I have been training hard where I am at the gym six times a week. With a goal weight of 87kg and a minimum weight of 85kg before I leave for Maui, I am motivated and pushing hard to get there.

I have done quite a few interesting things since my last bulletin. I have been doing a lot of paddle boarding trips around New Zealand. Over the easter break I went up to Kai Iwi lakes which was insane! I haven’t been wakeboarding for about a year so it was fun giving it a crack again.

I managed to get back into the swing of things and landed a clean 360, but I won’t talk about some the crashes I had… We also did some biscuiting which was hilarious! Im happy to say

“I was the king of the biscuit”

where I was only beaten once by big Jack. The picture below will explain.

After an action packed day it was time to head back to base and get some well deserved rest. We had a huge feed at home and then everyone basically collapsed and we were asleep by 9.30pm. In the morning we went for an adventure and found an awesome flying fox which was heaps of fun. Everyone gave it a go.


Gym and Cross-training

I have managed to find an attractive training buddy… she even comes on paddle boarding trips, but she seems to invite herself over and eats my food. I am in the process of sorting this out so don’t worry everyone, i’ll make sure she doesn’t leave her tooth brush at my house!

In terms of the Gym, I have put on 4kg which means I only have another 4kg more to put on. Feeling really fit and strong which is awesome. Jack is an awesome training partner as he is bigger then me so I am always working towards lifting what he does, as its just annoying changing weights all the time. Below is an idea of a legs day when I managed to win for a change. I lifted 260kg.

With only seven weeks until exam time at university, I will be going a bit quieter soon. Over the last week of Easter break I have spent time with mates who are studying in Dunedin and abroad. We had an awesome day at Piha where the surf was really messy but big which made it interesting. Its days like this which make you realise how amazing New Zealand is and how beautiful it is.

“Proud to call myself a kiwi”

Almost time to leave the homeland

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With such an awesome summer away from home and a year which is going so fast I am trying to make the most of my time with friends and family before I start the next stage of my life. University is almost over where I am doing my final five papers this semester. When I finish I will have a bachelor of Commerce majoring in economics and marketing.

After my time in wellington at Fraser Engineering, I visited my 96 year old Uncle. It was awesome to see him as he is the king pin of the family. In true family fashion he has a girlfriend who is considerably younger then him who lives at the retirement village also. Its positive to think that I might still have game like Owwee when I am 96!


After visiting Owe I came home and had my 21st. It was one of the best nights I have had where I had all my close family and friends make it from all around the country. I had a surprise guest, Lewis, who managed to somehow get back from sea for the night and then get back to the boat early the next morning.

It was the end of a chapter and it was amazing to see so many people make the effort to come and celebrate it with me. It was exciting to think that even dad thinks

“I am growing into a young man”.

Soon I will be moving to Maui and traveling the world doing the thing I love, representing the country I am proud to say I am from. With the support I have been receiving recently I’m sure I can make my family proud and put New Zealand as a dominant force on the PWA Tour again.

Cyclone Pam

Not long after my 21st we had a cyclone hit New Zealand which brought some huge swells and carnage. Although it was forecast to be much windier and intense, I still managed to have some fun in the waves and have an awesome surf.I went to Orewa on the day of the cyclone where I went for a wave sail. The conditions were epic which meant I could do some back loops and jumps.
After the cyclone it was time to start studying and working so I can do as many competitions this year. I have been hectic with my university workload and seeing friends before I head away, so between all my training at the gym I have managed to do some really kiwi and fun things.I have been supplied with plenty of Red Bull so I have no excuses not to try and fly. So recently I have been to Rainbows End theme park and also did the Largest Water Slide in the world. The water slide was insane, it was 650m long and apparently you average around 75km/hr down the slide. I had some awesome runs and on my instagram there is a cool video also. I managed to get the hang of the slide and managed to do some tricks and rotations in the air.
The slide was all for the charity ‘Live More Awesome‘ and it was awesome to see so many people supporting the charity. After this I went to Whangamata forBeach Hop and also managed to have an awesome surf. It was the busiest I have seen Whangamata with some seriously awesome retro cars.