Windsurfer gets shot at Pro Tour

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After plenty of hard work and sacrifice the pro tour is within reach for a young Auckland windsurfer.

Laurence Carey from Kohimarama is traveling to Hawaii five hours after his last university exam on June 27 to join the Maui Race Series and work towards the Professional Windsurfing Tour.

He’s also the first New Zealander in more than 10 years to do so.

The 21-year-old University of Auckland commerce student has already achieved top national success in his young career.

Carey has won four national youth championships for slalom windsurfing as well as being crowned the 2014 and 2015 open men’s national champion.

Success has also meant sacrifice as Carey has to fit training, study, work, coaching and dieting into his daily schedule…


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Warriors Can

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This is the first time Red warriors-1Bull has warriors canproduced a custom-made can for the New Zealand market and the 20th anniversary of the Vodafone Warriors provided the ideal opportunity. Renowned NZ artist and designer, Dave Burke is a long-time collaborator with the Vodafone Warriors and has designed many of their iconic jerseys. His distinctive can design pays homage to the players, fans and values that have shaped the club.” – Red Bull

So I decided to make a quick video also of how epic the can is. Click on the picture or visit my Instagram to watch.

Wakeboarding, friends, windsurfing

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In the last few months I have spent a lot of time with friends and family. As I said in my last email, I have been training hard where I am at the gym six times a week. With a goal weight of 87kg and a minimum weight of 85kg before I leave for Maui, I am motivated and pushing hard to get there.

I have done quite a few interesting things since my last bulletin. I have been doing a lot of paddle boarding trips around New Zealand. Over the easter break I went up to Kai Iwi lakes which was insane! I haven’t been wakeboarding for about a year so it was fun giving it a crack again.

I managed to get back into the swing of things and landed a clean 360, but I won’t talk about some the crashes I had… We also did some biscuiting which was hilarious! Im happy to say

“I was the king of the biscuit”

where I was only beaten once by big Jack. The picture below will explain.

After an action packed day it was time to head back to base and get some well deserved rest. We had a huge feed at home and then everyone basically collapsed and we were asleep by 9.30pm. In the morning we went for an adventure and found an awesome flying fox which was heaps of fun. Everyone gave it a go.


Gym and Cross-training

I have managed to find an attractive training buddy… she even comes on paddle boarding trips, but she seems to invite herself over and eats my food. I am in the process of sorting this out so don’t worry everyone, i’ll make sure she doesn’t leave her tooth brush at my house!

In terms of the Gym, I have put on 4kg which means I only have another 4kg more to put on. Feeling really fit and strong which is awesome. Jack is an awesome training partner as he is bigger then me so I am always working towards lifting what he does, as its just annoying changing weights all the time. Below is an idea of a legs day when I managed to win for a change. I lifted 260kg.

With only seven weeks until exam time at university, I will be going a bit quieter soon. Over the last week of Easter break I have spent time with mates who are studying in Dunedin and abroad. We had an awesome day at Piha where the surf was really messy but big which made it interesting. Its days like this which make you realise how amazing New Zealand is and how beautiful it is.

“Proud to call myself a kiwi”

Almost time to leave the homeland

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With such an awesome summer away from home and a year which is going so fast I am trying to make the most of my time with friends and family before I start the next stage of my life. University is almost over where I am doing my final five papers this semester. When I finish I will have a bachelor of Commerce majoring in economics and marketing.

After my time in wellington at Fraser Engineering, I visited my 96 year old Uncle. It was awesome to see him as he is the king pin of the family. In true family fashion he has a girlfriend who is considerably younger then him who lives at the retirement village also. Its positive to think that I might still have game like Owwee when I am 96!


After visiting Owe I came home and had my 21st. It was one of the best nights I have had where I had all my close family and friends make it from all around the country. I had a surprise guest, Lewis, who managed to somehow get back from sea for the night and then get back to the boat early the next morning.

It was the end of a chapter and it was amazing to see so many people make the effort to come and celebrate it with me. It was exciting to think that even dad thinks

“I am growing into a young man”.

Soon I will be moving to Maui and traveling the world doing the thing I love, representing the country I am proud to say I am from. With the support I have been receiving recently I’m sure I can make my family proud and put New Zealand as a dominant force on the PWA Tour again.

Cyclone Pam

Not long after my 21st we had a cyclone hit New Zealand which brought some huge swells and carnage. Although it was forecast to be much windier and intense, I still managed to have some fun in the waves and have an awesome surf.I went to Orewa on the day of the cyclone where I went for a wave sail. The conditions were epic which meant I could do some back loops and jumps.
After the cyclone it was time to start studying and working so I can do as many competitions this year. I have been hectic with my university workload and seeing friends before I head away, so between all my training at the gym I have managed to do some really kiwi and fun things.I have been supplied with plenty of Red Bull so I have no excuses not to try and fly. So recently I have been to Rainbows End theme park and also did the Largest Water Slide in the world. The water slide was insane, it was 650m long and apparently you average around 75km/hr down the slide. I had some awesome runs and on my instagram there is a cool video also. I managed to get the hang of the slide and managed to do some tricks and rotations in the air.
The slide was all for the charity ‘Live More Awesome‘ and it was awesome to see so many people supporting the charity. After this I went to Whangamata forBeach Hop and also managed to have an awesome surf. It was the busiest I have seen Whangamata with some seriously awesome retro cars.

Lake Clearwater

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Since the RSX Nationals I have been sailing quite a bit where I had an awesome trip to Lake Clearwater. In the morning it was really light winds as per usual so we went waterskiing. In the afternoon though the wind picked up and I had an awesome session with the crew!


Lake Clearwater is absolutely amazing and I love coming here every year before the Slalom Nationals. Because its 2000m above sea level it gets really nice thermal winds between the mountains which make for great afternoon sessions. The place itself is very tranquil and untouched which makes it a great getaway spot for us Aucklander’s. Over the next few days we have some wind forecast in Christchurch so we should get some training before the nationals kick off. The forecast is not that great for the nationals at the moment but hopefully the long range forecast changes to the north east otherwise it might be some seriously gusty conditions.


Keep an eye out for the nationals on 3 News. The nationals are on between the4-8th of February.

New Zealand RSX Nationals

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After spending three weeks in Wellington it was time to head south and run a coaching camp in Christchurch. It was epic to see 20 kids at the camp all wanting to learn all different forms of windsurfing. The majority of my coaching targeted Techno and RSX with some Slalom and Freestyle for those with short boarding equipment.


The New Zealand RSX and Techno Nationals were on at the weekend after the camp. Thanks to a few locals and parents I managed to have enough gear so I could take part. Although the gear wasn’t all super new and perfect I just loved being a part of the RSX world. I am learning so much at the moment which is great and my fitness is improving lots.

Day 1:

We had three races where I managed to get two 2nds and a 3rd. The event is run really well and organised but there’s a few things which are different which I am getting to grips with. In the last race I stupidly did an extra lap. Instead of being a W2 (two laps) it was a W3 (three laps). I for some reason thought I had done only 2 laps so did an extra lap and ended up doing four laps. Luckily the guys behind me had crashed a few times so I managed to lap the last guy just before the finish. This allowed me to finish in 3rd.

Day 2:

Todays racing was epic. A solid 22knots most of the day made racing quite challenging on a 9.5. Nevertheless it was great training and fitness. In the first race I was leading at the top mark. I had an awesome start and upwind leg. As I came around the top mark I had Alex and Tony Just behind me. Halfway down the leg I gybed and as I exited the gybe I put my back foot in. Then BANG my back foot strap broke and for the next lap I had to sail upwind and downwind with no back foot strap on the port side. Nevertheless I managed to finish 2nd. In the second race I again had a good start but the tide flow was getting much stronger. At this point I also didn’t notice my downhaul had slipped through the cleat a bit proving to make the sail extremely powerful. Again I finished 2nd behind Alex Hart. In the final race it was very windy making the downwind legs quite fast and scary. I managed to have an awesome upwind leg but it was some seriously crazy sailing. As my gasket (where the center board goes) in the middle of my board was broken it was like a waterfountain downwind. Water was rushing up onto the board making my already out of control downwind even more exciting. I finished third in this race with Alex and Tony beating me.

Day 3:

My day started terribly! I had a good start however on the first upwind my front footstrap came out making it almost impossible to sail powered due to how rough the sea was. On the downwind I then managed to break the back footrap on the port side so I then had to use the chicken strap. At this point I did have a bit of a laugh as I didn’t think it could get much worse. But it did as the chicken strap then came out. After the race I took each footstrap out and put them in a new position as the wholes were now totally shreded and were just falling out. The next race went really well, I managed to beat Alex to the top mark but he was just a machine downwind. I finished 2nd. In the final race I had a great start but had a few issues with my boom and harness. I overtook Tony on the downwind however at the bottom mark my harness line was stuck and it took me a bit to fix it allowing Tony to overtake me as I was at a standstill.


Regardless of my result I absolutely loved doing the nationals as it was something totally different. I finished 3rd overall where Tony beat my by one point. Alex was the clear winner and it was awesome to see him ripping! A huge thanks to Andrea, Paul McKenzie, Geoff Mead, Sam Hood and Alex for lending me gear so I could take part.


Now its time to start training for the Slalom Nationals.

Overview of the PWA

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The PWA has been amazing, like words cant even express how much I have learnt and also the friends I have made. The events are run so well where the atmosphere is amazing with a positive vibe the whole time. Fortunately I was next to Taty Frans who is quite honestly one of the coolest people I have ever met. He is so positive and competes because he loves the sport and has a passion for windsurfing. He is also an absolute machine, I mean he is a lot smaller (86kg) then the majority of the pros (who weigh between 95-110kg) but still manages to beat them.

In terms of the racing I was not overly happy with how I raced but considering I have been at university the last 3 months and working full time I am trying to not be to hard on myself. I had glimpses of great sailing but i just cant believe how fast some of the top guys are, especially Pierre Mortefon and Antoine Albeau, they are freaks. I have never seen people literally hunt others down on the straights like them. The racing standard is very high as expected on the PWA where any simple mistake is punished big time. I made some great ground with my own sailing and learnt a lot of new race tactics. I have also gained a whole new level of confidence where I know now that I can beat the big names of the sport if I truely put my mind to it.

It has been awesome competing with people like Antoine Albeau and Bjorn Dunkerbeck and I hope I have proven that I am competitive with them. After racing today I had a quick chat to Antoine and he told me I was racing well and he noticed me on the starts. Which I take as a compliment as I know he has board speed on me but I stood my ground twice when he tried to drive me upwind.

A huge congratulations to Antoine for winning his 22 world title across all disciplines! Your a machine and it was awesome to race against you. Also well done Pierre coming 3rd overall this year, I can honestly say you were easily one of the fastest at the event #NorthPride .

Thanks for the support

I would like to thank everyone who has made this trip possible as it is a dream come true. To start with the North team especially Kai, without your support over the last 2 years I wouldn’t be where I am today and I appreciate everything you have done to help me. Also Jimbo as you were one of the first people to ever see that I had potential and take a leap of faith and help me with gear about four years ago now.

I guess I need to thank my caddy for coming along on the trip also. It has been awesome having dad here and we have had a great boys trip having many laughs about things I never imagined us talking about. Then of course mum and the family, your endless support is awesome. Finally a big thanks to my sponsors North Sails, Starboard, BTS GYM, Eye for Detail and Meanline Fins and all those who have sent me messages while I have been here.


“Revoir Nouvelle-Calédonie, Merci de me avoir”


Elimination analysis – PWA

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Day 1 & 2

Well it is a dream come true to be here and regitering for my frst PWA event. The first two days we had no racing due to a lack of wind. The weather was amazing and extremly hot but the the trade winds just didnt come through.

me and dad IMG_4305


Day 3

Elimination 1

Today the racing started at 10.30am where I was in the second heat. I was quite nervous as it would be my first time sailing against all the names I hd only ever heard of. I started the race really well with Jimmy (North, Starboard) below me and Pierre Mortefon (North) above. I managed to come out third and hold that until the third mark. I stupidly relaxed nd just wanted to make sure I stayed in fourth so I would progress to the next round however let a local come in the inside at one of the marks (lesson 1 – dont take the foot off the pedal). As i  didnt finsh in the top four I didn’t progress to the next round and watched the rest of the first elimination. Pierre ended up winning this entire elimination.
Elimination 2
This elimination i was fired up. I didn’t look at who I would be racing but I knew I was in the first heat. I was to sail in a really stacked heat where I managed to beat Arnon Dagan (lesson 2 – don’t look at who you are racing). It was a hectic race where I had a great start and managed to hold my position throughout the race. In the next round I was unable to come in the top four so didn’t make it to the semi-finals.
Elimination 3
This was a great where I progressed again to the next round. the next race I again didn’t look at who I would be racing but knew I had to push the line hard otherwise Cyrill M, Taty Frans, Julien Quentel, Tristian Algret and Cousin. The first sequence Roberto was over early so we had to re run the heat. The next sequence I made some great room for myself. I pushed Julien up so it gave me heaps of room at the mark, I powered at the mark but was called over early. I must say it would have been a very close call as I thought I was on the button and even Taty thought I was perfect. Neverthless I was over early so bring on the racing tomorrow!!
“If you aren’t pushing the limits, you aren’t trying hard enough”
me happy w dad

Day 4

Elimination 4
The wind was a little bit gusty and had filled in much earlier than usual. I went out wanting to play it a bit safe in the opening heat which is where I went wrong. Instead of going on my Isonic 107 I went on the 87 and just had no power out of the gybes. I battled for fourth but just missed out.

Elimination 5

To be honest I can’t actually remember how this heat went. All I remember happening is being hit at the first mark and almost overtook on the final straight but didn’t have enough time.

Elimination 6
This elimination went a lot better. I was a little bit annoyed with how I had been sailing and went out maxxed on 7.0 and the 107. I managed to dominate the start and went through to the quarter finals.
The quarter final I had was absolutely stacked! I was up against Bjorn, Antoine, Tristian, Cousin and Cali. I nailed my start where Antoine tried to luff me up on the start. He overtook me nevertheless (as he has freakish board speed). At the first mark there was a huge battle with Bjorn to lead and I was in fourth. I held my ground until the third gybe where i went easy and Cousin came on my inside. I chased and at the final gybe went on his inside. I however couldn’t get my back foot into my foot strap and he beat me by no more than a board length! I was guttered as it was my stupid mistake that gave him the opportunity to overtake me!

racing times

Day 5

Elimination 7
This was a great first heat. I managed to get a cracker of a start and held my position throughout the race.
In the quarter finals it was again a huge battle. I was up against Quentel, Mortefon, Angulo, Tristian and Matteo Iachino. I had a good start but Angulo hit me on the start line which made both of us have a bit of a slowdown. We continued and Annulo slowly powered past me where I was sixth at the mark. Unfortunately Tristian and I couldn’t gain on Angulo on the straights. We would make lots of ground on each gybe but he was just to fast on the straights.
The beauty of weighing 110kg!
Elimination 8
The opening heat I was late to the start, I managed to catch up on the straights. I overtook two guys with good board speed and gybing which meant I went through to the quarter final.
In the quarter final I had an average start where I got rolled by Iachino and Questel. At the first mark I went on the inside of them and then Cali hit me. He somehow thought he could go inside but couldn’t. This made me crash and it was catch up from there.


Day 6

Elimination 9

Today the forecast didn’t come as expected and was overcast in the morning. This made the sea breeze kick in later which is why we only completed one round.

I wasn’t sure if I would end up racing today as I had hurt my ankle really bad the night before. I felt I had tweeked my ankle while sailing in the final elimination the day before, but didnt even think about it and kept sailing. That night I rolled my ankle really bad, where I was struggling to have any weight on my foot at all.

1511173_862004113843088_9026249944510469914_n injury strap

 In the morning I slowly walked to the containers, It wasn’t as windy as forecast which meant I had more time to relax and take the pressure off my foot. Before racing started I went to the medic area where they strapped my foot and gave it a massage. Before the racing started I went for a quick session to make sure I could actually sail. I decided to race regardless as it was only one elimination and I didnt want to just give up. I went out and it was 7.8 conditions but my ankle couldn’t deal with that so I sailed with the 7.0 and Isonic 107.

The race started and I had a relatively good start, however as I couldn’t apply full pressure I got rolled by the majority of sailors. From here it was catch up, I was given the opportunity to overtake at the second to last mark. Usually it would have been easy to avoid him and overtake however, as I tried to change my angle I twisted my ankle in the strap and instantly stopped turning leading me crashing also.

pwa noumea