Maui Race Series – State Championships

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A busy day on the water with 12 races completed with a 2nd in my age division and 5th in Pro. We ran two rounds of age divisions and one round of ability groups, which made for a full day with very few breaks. My age group (19-39) started the day and due to the gusty shifty windy the course was a bit crazy. The first mark was like a speed course downwind which made the pin end heavily favoured. Unfortunetly Dan and Mark won the battle and I couldnt regain the ground i lo from losing the start. However the next two heats were good as the course was re-arranged. I managed to come in 2nd behind Dan Ellis. My final race for this firt round of age divsions I severly messed up. I couldnt get planning before the start and was abut 10seconds late. Nevertheless I managed to overtake mst people to finsh in 3rd. Mark and I were on the same points but as he beat me in the last race he beat me. Dan Ellis won each race in this division.


After this we had the ability groups. I was in Pro and was very keen to show everyone I could mess with the big boys. I managed to start with a bang overtaking two people at the first mark. I was stoked with how the new North Sails performed as I clearly had more low end power as I manged to come out planning behind everyone elses mess. The next race was hard I got rolled by Dan just before the start which made it a hard battle from there. I come in to the mark about 8th but again managed to come out 5th. I finshed this race in 5th behind, Dan Ellis, Peter Slate, Micah and Phil. In the fianl race of the pro divsion I managed to hold my position for the whole race, where I came in 4th and finshed fourth. Overall in the Pro divsion i came 5th with Big Dan only beating me by 1 point.

Maui Race Series, Neil Pryde Hawaii State Championships Aug. 2. 2014 from Maui Zoom on Vimeo.

After these we had a short lunch break. We then got straight back into the age groups. This was great racing and I was really hapy with my board speed for all the races. I managed to get three 2nds and one 1st. In two of the races I managed to overtake Mark Boersma on the straights which shows all the work I have been putting in is paying off. I also managed to absolutley kill the last race of the day. I nailed the start and managed to roll over captain Dan Ellis. This made for a great race as I lead the first mark, I however made a perfect gybe and Dan couldn’t catch me. What a way to finish the day :)


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